The secrets to writing the perfect service email . . . revealed

Writing to improve service — 1 day workshop

This fun, fast-paced and practical one day workshop is an introduction to how you can help advisors develop their writing skills for emails and social media direct messages.

It covers our 4 Service Writing Rules — Clarity, Credibility, Answer and Tone (C-CAT). In a recent independent study by ICM, our rules improved the likelihood that consumers would ask for a quote, feel that their service enquiry had been resolved and rate their satisfaction high.

The workshop is for managers, team leaders, trainers and advisors. It's written by our team of writing, linguistic and service management experts who’ve helped well-known brands from Missguided to Hiscox and Barclaycard.

How will the workshop improve your service and writing?
We cover everything you’d expect from a writing course: spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) as well as content, structure, style and hitting the right tone. But we do it with both eyes firmly fixed on the prize — how to develop these to improve the results of the service you provide, such as:

• First contact resolution and next contact avoidance — cutting the likelihood that a customer will contact you again to reduce wasted time, effort and money (both yours and your customers').

• Service scores — improving Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter and Customer Effort scores.

• Sales through service — turning more enquiries into sales.

• Brand recognition and affinity — making sure your writing is true to your brand so that customers will remember and love it.

Who's the workshop for?
Whether you work for a business or public sector organisation, the workshop will be of real benefit if you want to know more about the importance of writing for service and how to develop it. Contact centre managers, team leaders, trainers and advisors will find it especially useful as it has exercises to improve writing that advisors can use, information on what affects the results of service and advice (as well as discussions) about how your organisation can go about managing writing better.

The workshop at a glance

What’s great writing for service anyway? — The science behind how your writing affects contact resolution, service scores and your brand.

What to write — Practical exercises and tools that’ll help your team to better understand what customers want and choose what to say to meet those needs.

How to write it — More practical exercises and tips that'll help your advisors develop their written tone and ‘the way’ they sound.

Adapting your tone — Recognising a customer's personality, attitudes and emotions from their writing. And changing yours to suit.

Working with templates — Practical exercises that'll help you breathe life into those dreaded templates.

Managing writing — From quality assessment to performance management and recruitment, the steps that your organisation can take to develop your advisors’ written skills.

Want to know more?

Next public workshop dates and locations
This course is currently only available as a private workshop. Get in touch for the latest on when and where our next public workshops will be.

Private workshops — let us come to you
If you'd like more of your managers, team leaders and trainers to benefit from the workshop, we're happy to come to you. Private courses are for up to 12 people, will be more cost effective for larger groups and we can tailor some of the content for your organisation.

What's included?
The workshops normally start at 10 in the morning and last until 4 in the afternoon. You'll also get a printed course summary to take away that covers everything you've learned.

What they say...

Tania Whitehead — Hiscox
Training & Quality Leader

"The training was very much based around the structure of an email and the style of the writing. The training really hit the mark, and I have subsequently rolled this out as part of our induction and to our Home Insurance team.”

Lisa Buckley — Carole Nash
Marketing Manager

"Everyone has been in touch with me this morning to say how much they enjoyed the session — really engaging, good pace and we’re looking forward to getting the style guide and working on this going forward.”