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Call us ambitious, but we think that every time you communicate with your customers there's an opportunity to not only stop doing what's bad, or start doing what's expected. But, to do something brilliant as well.

It should be anywhere and everywhere along the customer's journey too. Be it a well informed agent who sounds very helpful. A well written letter that's easy to understand. Or, just IVR phone automated service that's easy to use.

If you’re in brand and marketing you'll probably think of these as the moments that build brand 'equity' and create 'affinity' and 'recall'. If you're in service you might think of them as the times when 'promoters' are made, 'satisfaction' is increased and 'effort' is reduced. We simply call them "ah" moments.

But is ah just frou frou? The “nice-to-have” icing on a service cake? No. We're happy to prove it with our research too.

Our work will keep your satisfaction scores high and your customers coming back for more. And, you’ll get new customers when those happy ones tell their friends, and the rest of this connected social media world about you. What's more, it'll also save you money when your customers no longer have to contact you to clarify things. And you've already considered what they'll need next.

Think of it this way; bad communications may be moments when your customers decide to go. Doing what's expected, creates unmemorable moments at best. But, ah moments are reasons for your customers to stay.

Choose your moments carefully.