What to say,
and how to say it :-)

Tone of Voice programme - phone and face to face

Ever phoned someone and been greeted with Hello, but felt like you've been told to go away? That's tone of voice at work.

In the 60's, Prof Albert Mehrabian looked into what affects what we understand from conversations. He came up with the now famous rule that, when talking about emotions, it's 7% words, 38% how they're said and 55% facial expression. In our research on phone service, customer satisfaction scores rose by 95% when we changed the tone of an advisor through both the words they used and how they said them.

We provide training on language and voice for advisors, coaches, trainers and managers. We also give advice on quality monitoring, performance management and recruitment so that you can really get spoken tone of voice working for your business.

Here's what we can help you with:

  1. Improving service.
  2. Making sales conversations more productive.
  3. Putting your 'brand' into your conversations with customers.
  4. Helping advisors handle stressful 'difficult conversations' better, benefitting both them and your customers.
  5. Providing advisors with the conversational skills that are essential for their chosen careers.
  6. Making your organisation a better place to join and stay with by showing a real commitment to providing essential skills.
How we do it step-by-step

We'll help you to understand what the benefits of better advisor tone of voice are going to be for your organisation.

We'll also find out everything we need to know about your organisation to be able to create an effective programme, tailor it and get support from everyone involved.

Advisor training
We can train your advisors for you. Train your team to train them. Or, a combination of the two.

Our face-to-face advisor training workshops are designed to be fast, fun and interactive. And, will motivate advisors to improve their tone of voice as well as give them the skills they need to do it.

As part of our advisor training we also provide a detailed, interesting and easy-to-follow guide that students can get to on-line. Or, through your own knowledge management system.

The face-to-face training and guide can be backed up by multimedia eLearning modules. These track students' progress with tests so that you can see if individuals need additional support. And, confirm that advisors have the basic skills that they require.

Scripts and prompts
We can review your scripts and prompts to add some warmth and make them easier to understand.

Coach and team leader training
Making sure that advisor tone of voice can be assessed and coached successfully is vital if you're to continue to see rewards. We can work with your team leaders and coaches direct. Or, with your training team so that they can train them. So, no matter who's responsible for working with advisors on improvement day-to-day, they'll know what they're looking for. And, how to help advisors to improve.

Quality management
Working with your quality management team we'll help you to build a management plan that'll make sure that tone of voice assessments are consistent and unbiased. We'll also provide you with the reference materials and techniques you'll need to successfully assess your assessors.

Performance management
The performance management workshop, run by our service experts, will help you to explore how best to motivate everyone to improve tone of voice.

We'll work with you on how best to make a tone of voice assessment part of your new recruit screening procedure. So, your advisors will come to you with better basic skills to build on.

Keeping it going
When your training is first complete, the important work really begins. From additional licences for training materials to assessor tests and training refreshes, we'll provide everything you need to make sure that your investment in tone of voice continues to pay off.