consumer insight
and service know how

Quality Assurance (QA) — scorecards, calibration, reference interactions and coaching

Providing advisors with feedback on their conversations with customers — whether these be over the phone, on email, via webchat or on social media — is an effective way to continually improve service communication skills.

We’ll work with you to put communication soft skills assessments into your existing (or new) QA process. And, use the results effectively to develop your advisors' skills as well as create the business outcomes you want.

Our focus is on service communication — what to say and how to say it. This part of a scorecard is often combined with other compliance checks, such as making sure that FCA approved messages have been given, to create a complete QA assessment.


We’ll interview all the QA stakeholders, and review your results, to find out what’s working and what’s not. Then, we suggest what needs to change, why and how. Typically, a discovery takes around 5 days and covers:
• Understanding your business objectives
• Stakeholder interviews: advisors, team leaders (those who provide feedback and coaching) as well as those responsible for scoring
• Understanding your processes and technology: the systems and steps within scoring, feedback and coaching
• Score card design and criteria review
• Business results review
• Recommendations: what needs to change, why and how

Scorecard design

Through review, testing and development we’ll help you create effective scorecards for soft skills that:
• Drive business outcomes — choosing scoring criteria that will reduce costs, boost sales and improve customer satisfaction etc.
• Are easy to use — designing forms that make it quick and simple for your scoring team to assess interactions, and for advisors to understand their feedback
• Maximise consistency — reducing inconsistent scoring to minimise disagreement and make sure focus stays on what can be done to improve
• Identify skills gaps — allowing coaches to find skills gaps so they can help advisors develop the communication skills that will drive the desired business outcomes
• Join up with other improvement activities — using criteria that work with other improvement activities such as training, coaching and internal communications

Coaching support (advisor skills development activities)

We can also help those who are responsible for coaching advisors (e.g. team leaders who provide feedback and development for advisors day-to-day). As part of a programme we provide a range of fun and effective development activities coaches can use to assist advisors with building skills in the areas identified by feedback. We can also run workshops to help your coaches develop their own activities.

Scoring workshops (calibration)

To make it easier for those who have to score calls, we run scoring and calibration workshops with new scorecards. These interactive sessions provide a chance for your team to discuss advisor feedback best practices. And, use the new cards on real interactions — as well as discuss their scores — to boost confidence and improve consistency.

Scoring support (reference interactions)

We’ll work with your team to find interactions that they can score and use as references in future — creating gold standards that will help improve scoring consistency.