When words are working harder,
service just gets easier.

Bills & statements
Customers are always more anxious when it comes to money. So, when bills and statements drop through the letterbox, there’s a much greater chance that they’ll call, email or start a webchat with a query.

We’ll understand what your customers need from your bills, as well as what’s most likely to cause them to get in contact. And, combine words and graphics (working with your graphic designers or our own) to create bills and statements that give customers all the information they need right there on the page.

High stakes customer comms
It goes without saying that extra care is needed when you're communicating with large groups of customers about sensitive issues. For example, the stakes are always high when letting them know about price rises, renewals, changes to terms and conditions or even regulatory messages.
Get it right and nobody notices. But get it wrong and the damage is instant with cancellations, customer complaints not to mention a costly increase in contacts to handle.

Our approach is to test our ideas with customers as we go. The result is that messaging decisions are continually validated. And if there's a problem, it’s spotted early.
After a rewrite, a billing letter for a water utility that used to add 20% to the number of enquiries handled now adds less than 2%.
Some customers prefer good old-fashioned paper in the hand. And, some communications — those that are overseen by ombudsman and regulators for example — also still require and actual letter or two. As with customer emails, we can help you write and refine the templates that’ll get your message across clearly with the right tone.
Guides, door drops (and so on)
Over the years our team have worked on everything from ‘how-to’ guides to information cards that let residents know their street may be affected by maintenance work. Whatever needs to be said, our objectives are the same, easy to understand communications with the right tone of voice that minimise the need for additional contact.

Basically, we do it all…

When it comes to working with print we have lots of experience of making sure our clients get their message across clearly with the right tone of voice. We’re also happy to work with graphic designers (yours or our own) to give our well-chosen words maximum impact. As you’d expect, we also know all about print reproduction (from paper selection to digital print and litho) and working with direct mail service providers.