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IVR – phone automated service design

Businesses like their IVRs as they mean fewer expensive agents to handle calls. But, their customers normally don't. More so if the IVR is difficult to use and long winded.

We get asked to improve simple IVRs that route customers to agents with the right skills. And, complex ones like those that collect payments and provide account balances.

By taking a close look at the structure, wording and voices in your IVR, we'll create a user experience (UX) that’s clear, consistent and easy for customers to use.

Here's what we've helped our clients with:

  1. Cutting costs by enabling more customers to successfully complete self service transactions.
  2. Improving customer service and 'satisfaction scores' by making applications faster and easier to use.
  3. Reducing costs by cutting the amount of agent time wasted on transfers because they have made incorrect selections within routing applications.
  4. Making sure that the language and voices used for IVRs are 'on-brand'.
How we do it step-by-step

Objectives – many of our team have lots of strategic and operational contact centre experience. They'll discuss your objectives with you in detail so we can understand exactly what you want to achieve. We're also happy to help you decide what your objectives should be as well.

Audits – we have a great deal of experience with IVRs and we can assess your applications against our best practice recommendations or 'IVR heuristic'.

Benchmarking – we can compare your IVR with those of your competitors, and best practice examples in other sectors. We also use Please Press 1's data on the IVR systems of over 350 companies to help you understand how your system compares to the industry as a whole.

Design and optimisation – working with your technical specialists we design call flows, write scripts and choose voices to create new, and optimise existing, IVRs.

Staying 'On Brand' – tone of voice (ToV) guidelines make sure that the way you speak with your customers fits with your brand. If you've got guidelines already our creative team will work with those. If not, we'll draw some up for you.

Recording – all of the messages and prompts needed for your IVR are digitally recorded and then edited in our sound studios to ensure great quality.

Voice coaching – our voice coaches support actors during recording sessions and review their work closely to make sure that their delivery is as good as it can be.

Testing – we can test our designs to help refine them during the design stage. These include usability trials and testing to ensure that brand expectations are met.

Translation – our script translation service and portfolio of foreign language voice artists make it easy for you to manage quality globally.

Ongoing support – our managed service will give you instant access to all of our IVR services. So, as you need to add menus or options we'll continually optimise the system to make sure that quality is maintained.

Quality and speed – we have a dedicated service and support team who ensure all of our managed service work is delivered on time to pre-agreed service level targets. And, meets our quality standards.

Understanding the benefits – if you want us to, we'll help you to decide what to measure and how so that you can understand the benefits of our work.