Embracing digital transformation
with compelling content

To customers, webchat has become as expected on your website as the ‘add to basket’ button. An easy way for them to ask a quick question, or say they need help, it allows you to be there, in context, when customers need you.

But, behind the scenes, with multiple webchats being balanced at once, templated responses to search and average response times being watched, the tone of your replies can often be overlooked.

At Mazaru, we believe a consistent tone of voice isn’t just a nice to have, it’s an essential tool. It can help you soften difficult messages, help you make connections, and help you improve customer experience. Our tried and tested webchat programme helps you bring tone of voice centre stage, and keep it there. Our experts will work with you to understand your team and your business before developing a programme that’s right for you.
Social media
Writing a letter to customers is easy, but how do you say everything you need in under 280 characters? Or when you’re posting a message that thousands of other customers can read… and reply to?

Social media has changed the way customers talk to you. Gone are the days of waiting in queues, or fitting in with your opening times, they want answers, on their own turf, fast.

Our service communication experts don’t just know how to write for social media, they know why customers are contacting you there in the first place. We help you improve by benchmarking what you do, identifying what you need and building a programme that suits you. 
“The team have been instrumental in helping us improve our level of customer service. They were really easy to work with throughout the process and helped us positively introduce changes to the way we webchat. ”

Catherine Nuttall, Multimedia Team Manager at Avios
Online help

If you’re over customers calling you to reset their log in details, well SNAP, so are they. Research shows that most of your customers would rather find their answers on your website and it’s only when they can’t that they pick up the phone.

But answering customer questions online isn’t about saying everything, it’s about understanding who your customers are, and what they’re looking for.

Making your website talk sense is one of our specialities. Our experts work with you to understand the questions customers are asking and write FAQs and How-to guides that help you help your customers help themselves.


Writing a good email means balancing four ingredients; the question, the answer, the company policy and the writer’s personality. But how do you mix them together? And how do you do it quickly?

If you’re looking for help writing better emails, or creating better guidelines for people who do, we have stacks of research and experience to help. We’ve written thousands, for companies large and small, national and local, the formal and the informal.

For a taster of what we know, take a look at our research on email greetings, or chat to us today.


We’ve all done it; read and re-read a text message to make sure the person reading it doesn’t get the wrong end of the stick. It can be tricky, especially when you want someone to respond quickly, or turn up on time. 

For companies, the challenges are the same, but the stakes are higher. Not only does each message need to be clear and concise, it needs to show a little bit of your brand too.

To make each beep-beep count, we define SMS guidelines, and then deliver messages that drive the right behaviours.

AI / Bots

It’s true, the age of robots in the contact centre is on the horizon, but don’t worry, they still need you to give them the knowledge, tools and customer insight to create the right customer experience.

Our view on the best thing to do right now is invest in your knowledge database by having the complexities of your organisation mapped out from the outset. That way, however technology develops, you’ll have something ready when the robots take over.

Our knowledge management projects empower your business to give customers the answers they need, quickly and clearly, leading to higher satisfaction scores.