Woo hoo! We just pushed up
customer satisfaction by 10%

Customer satisfaction up by 10%


“A 10% rise in CSat overall is a great result and our advisors now feel more confident and are supported in developing their webchat skills." Anthony Heywood, Head of Planning and Operations at Avios.


  • Offers rewards that turn into flights, hotel accommodation and car hire
  • Over 7.7 million members worldwide
  • Partners include British Airways, Shell and American Express
  • Handling 22,000 calls and chats every month
  • Webchat growing fast – 50% each year


“The mystery shopping confirmed that advisors could be more empathetic, customers were required to expend a lot of effort and our canned responses were formal and out of place in what should be a natural conversation.” Anthony Cuddy, Head of Customer Service and Multimedia, Avios.

Solution: Service Communications Programme

Geared to making chat empathetic, conversational and consistent, every day through:

  • Tone of voice guidelines, with posters and desktop reminders to keep TOV front of mind
  • Chat responses, in the new TOV – effective, simple, copy-and-paste examples
  • Interactive training workshops for advisors, team leaders and trainers
  • Quality scorecards and calibration workshops – to monitor and coach soft skills
  • On-going support


  • 10% rise in CSat - an immediate 2% uplift, with a further 8% following 3 months later
  • “Advisors now feel more confident…supported in developing their webchat skills”
  • Avios CSat target hit – “everyone’s hard work will be rewarded with a bonus!”
  • More empathetic chats – “customers treated as people...natural conversations”

With ongoing support from us to help with further training, guideline responses and tweaks to scorecards, Avios are also confident of maintaining their great results.


 “…Janina was fab and also took on our comments.”
“…interactive and very well planned. I couldn't pick a fault even if I wanted to.”
“Really clear, great examples, good presentation, lovely people.”
“Relaxed atmosphere, very informative, fun and easy to understand.”
“I was engaged at all times and have taken away some excellent tips.”


We can help you find ways you can increase sales, increase customer satisfaction and wisely reduce contact, in every day service conversations. To find out how we can do that for you, drop us a line at hello@mazaru.com