Customer Satisfaction up by 12%!

Customer satisfaction up by 12%


“Hard ROI for behavioural change initiatives can be difficult to achieve. The results for this programme speak for themselves. It’s one of the most effective things we’ve done to increase our key CSat measure.” James Moir, Managing Director at Nectar.

Nectar (Aimia)

  • The UK’s leading coalition loyalty programme
  • Clients include American Express, BP, eBay and Sainsbury’s
  • 19 million members and over 2 billion in rewards, to customers across the UK
  • 140 advisors, split across centres in Newcastle and India


“We’ve always provided good service. Boosting this is costly because of the law of diminishing returns. But, the expectations of our clients and their customers are always rising.” Jacqui Hails, Customer Service Director at Nectar.


  • Increase satisfaction, by improving communication
  • Motivate, engage and inspire advisors – demonstrate a commitment to investing in skills and capabilities
  • Get consistently good results from different locations, with separate training teams 

Solution: Service Communications Programme 

Collaborating with Nectar, we developed Three Service Communication Pillars geared to increase customer satisfaction, with better communication. The programme included: 

  • Guidelines to help advisors ‘deliver’ on the Three Pillars
  • Chat responses – effective, simple, copy-and-paste examples for handling FAQs
  • Interactive training workshops, for handling webchats and calls
  • Engagement — project based-learning, gamification, poster and desktop reminders
  • Coaching tips, to support development of advisors
  • Quality scorecards and calibration workshops


“The programme’s performance ranks amongst the best of any kind — people, process or technology — that we’ve implemented” Jacqui Hails, Nectar. 

  • Webchat handled in the UK and India - 12% rise so far
  • Calls handles in the UK and India – 12% rise so far
  • Engaged advisors – training workshop NPS of 80 


We can help you find ways you can increase sales, increase customer satisfaction and wisely reduce contact, in every day service conversations. To find out how we can do that for you, drop us a line at