Creating an IVR with the heart of a brand

House of Fraser
Creating an IVR with the heart of a brand

House of Fraser have been on a mission to provide their customers’ hearts’ desires for more than 150 years. From humble drapery shop in Victorian Glasgow to internationally inspirational department store, they’ve come a long way and are still making history every day. They’re so much more than just a house; they’re a whole universe full of everyone’s favourite things and our brief was to let customers hear that when they call. 

With House of Fraser taking more than 500,000 calls every year, customers were hearing information that was not relevant to them, along with classical music before they got through. The experience was doing little to inspire callers or showcase the brand.

We were invited to carry out a full review of the IVR and make recommendations for improvements to the messages, structure and music. With the heart of the brand in mind, we:

  • Designed new IVR call flows
  • Created a Tone of Voice guide to direct message creation
  • Wrote new scripts, across all numbers, to reflect brand values and tone
  • Cast and coached the right voice talent
  • Recorded, edited and delivered the sound files used on the system
  • Sourced and selected the perfect music
  • Created a new framework for messages and music, to guide future changes

The new IVR has resulted in great customer feedback. The messages are topical, timely and relevant to callers.

Stephen Brennan, Contact Centre Support Services Manager at House of Fraser was more than pleased with the results: “The new IVR is professional and consistent throughout, and the framework means we keep it that way. The ongoing service is excellent, with proactive triggers and reminders just when we need them. ”

Customers now have easier access to a universe of their favourite things, when they ring House of Fraser.